About Us

Jiangyin Deli Laser Solutions Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise based in Jiangyin City, China. The company focuses on providing laser micromachining solutions for industry and R&D customers worldwide. The company occupies a space of 1600 square meters, and more than 1000 square meters are clean rooms for R&D and job shop. Deli Laser Solutions owns an experienced team of process development and management, and over 30 sets advanced UV lasers, ultra-fast lasers, fiber lasers, CO2 lasers,as well as complete and sophisticated test machines, including 3D microscope,laser micromachining, laser drilling,laser interferometer, Laser cutting,measuring arms, IR Imager, Laser Beam Profiler, etc.
    Deli Laser Solutions offers all kinds of precision micro Laser cutting, Laser drilling, etching, Laser Micromachining,scribing, dicing, ablation, fabrication, engraving and marking with feature sizes of microns ,main applications including LED chips manufacturing, touch panel, LCD, consumer electronics, semiconductors, MEMS, lighting and medical industries, as well as R&D, aerospace and military use. The process team has processed more than 1,000 cases of many different materials, including all kinds of metal/alloys, ceramics, semiconductors, transparent materials(glass, quartz, sapphire, etc.).
   With advanced laser manufacturing technologies, rich experiences of process development and professional management, Deli Laser Solutions is devoted to customized, cost-effective and complete laser solutions,from process development, feasibility study, job order production to mass manufacturing outsourcing.

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