• Laser glass cutting

Based on a long time research and development on laser glass processing solutions, Deli has rich experience to treat glass machining job. We have five different process to cut thin glass according to the requirements of cost, quality, precision and delivery.We have worked for customers from many different applications, such as medical, consumer electronics, optics, semiconductors, solar cell, machnical, and so on.
If you have job in glass, feel free to contact with us:
Our capacity is:
1. fast cutting of thin glass(less than 1mm thick) with good precision( the best could be +/-2um) and no chipping.
2. Micro drilling in glass, the max aspect ratio could be 0.1mm holes in 5mm thick glass.
3. 2.5D micro structuring, we could not only make micro via drilling, but also step holes, or other 2.5D structures in glass.
Micro drilling in 5mm thick glass
With advanced DPSS laser technologies, the process could do cutting and drilling fast enough to replace traditional process, but also minimize the chipping and inside cracks, keep the strength of the edge area after cutting, because laser is light and no touch to the glass at all.
And all these are required in some applications, such as semiconductor glass wafer, display,etc. 
 Laser cut and break process with no chipping

Geometric cutting with chipping less than 50um(depends on glass material itself)
Deli laser not only supply the laser systems or laser service, but also open for some new ideas, we are glad to work with you, not matter you only need a prototyping, or batch production.
Micro drilling in glass wafer

                                     Glass filter cutting(with coating at both side)

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Laser glass cutting

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